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All 2024 sponsorship packages include coverage of two massive events!

2024 is a massive year for paramotoring in the UK and we invite sponsors to share this opportunity as commercial partners across both of our events. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand to the airsports’ community both within the UK and on a global stage, as well as meet your customers, and potential customers, face to face. For 2024 we have simplified our sponsorship proposal and seek to partner with fewer, larger sponsors than previous years, and removing the multiple levels of different sponsorship packages. This ensures more exclusivity to the sponsors, and enables us to better tailor the offer to individual sponsor needs.

18-23 June 2024
Anticipated pilot numbers: 70

3-10 August 2024
Anticipated pilot numbers: 70

Official Partner sponsorship opportunities available: £1500 ea.

For 2024, we are offering sponsorship packages from 4 specific categories of manufacturer in the Paramotoring industry: Frames, Wings, Engines, and Instruments. Each package covers BOPC and WPEC.
Each category has two slots available at £1500 each. Exclusivity in a particular category may be secured through purchase of both available slots in that category for the full £3000. As of January 2024, the position of Exclusive Frame Sponsor has been taken by Liberty Paramotors, and Exclusive Engine Sponsor by Vittorazi Motors.

Exclusive Frame Sponsor

Wing Sponsor 1

Exclusive Engine Sponsor

Instrument Sponsor 1

Wing Sponsor 2

Instrument Sponsor 2

The sponsorship packages include sponsorship of both the BOPC and the WPEC events in 2024, and offer the following benefits:

  • Full access, film and photography rights for your own media team at the events, including on deck, to use in your promotional media. Includes free camping for your team.
  • Your branding prominently featured across competition hardware including score sheets, official scoreboard, and competition site including social / briefing marquee and all competition signage.
  • Your company logo repeated across the main backdrop banner in the marquee and behind the podium at the prize giving ceremony and for photo opportunities
  • Reposting of any material or content you supply us through our official event social media channels.
  • Your company logo/name on the official T-shirts, and 5 T-shirts for you from each event.
  • Two free entries for your team pilots into the British Open Paramotor Championships.
  • Presentation of one of the awards ceremony trophies (pending further discussion)
  • A specific competition task named for your brand.
  • Display of your windsocks/blades around launch/land area (items to be supplied by you), and in the backdrop of the official championship pilot group photos.
  • Your company logo on official local regulations and task catalogue documents.
  • Rights to use the BOPC and WPEC logo graphic and official photos on your company website
  • Your company logo added to front page of the event websites with statement of recognition for sponsorship, and featured centrally on the live pilot tracking page during the event.
  • A trade stand at the competition event (subject to you having public liability insurance).
Representative illustrations of branded scoresheets and marquee for lead sponsor

Representative illustration of branded scoresheets including sponsor logos

Representative illustrations of branded scoresheets and marquee for lead sponsor

Official Championship photo from 2023 with Lead Sponsor windblades prominently displayed

Illustrative example of championship marquee backdrop banner. 6m x 2m in overall size

Representative illustration of WPEC T Shirt design


We would love to discuss your ideas, and further tailor this partnership agreement to your needs. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you


Publication of your logo is subject to you sending us a logo that we can use. The logo will be displayed on the website shortly after we receive confirmation that your payment has been received.

  • Our sponsorship packages will be sold as an annual agreement, starting from 1st January (or whenever you join after that) and finishing on the 31st December.
  • If you wish to have your logo displayed on the t-shirts, we must have received both your payment and your logo artwork no later than 5 weeks in advance of the competition start date.
  • It is essential that you use your company name as the reference when sending money electronically so that we can account for the payment.
  • Any sponsors who are unable to attend the actual competition event are welcome to send us their promotional materials and hardware (as described above) for us to display in their absence.