How to… Bring the right kit

The following is guideline for new pilots on what kit to bring with them to the competition. Some of it is mandatory, others are guidelines for helping you with planning navigation tasks, camping on site, etc.  

Must Have:

  • Minimum 30 hours solo flying experience and BHPA Pilot (Power) rating. 
  • Paramotor, capable of carrying fuel for up to 100km distance 
  • Paraglider
  • Helmet
  • Reserve Parachute – packed and ready to mount/use
  • Basic Vario/Altimeter with no GPS feature
  • Evidence of insurance (current BHPA membership card showing Paragliding or Hang gliding (Pilot, Power) OR certificate from another approved insurance company)
  • Several sets of ordinary 3xAAA batteries for the Amod loggers lent by the organisers (or 1 set of the Lithium type which last much longer)
  • Map holder – capable of holding up to A3 sized map. Ideally map should not be underneath any kind of transparent covering, so that you can write on it in the air.
  • Notepad and pens for briefing sessions
  • Copy of Rules and Regulations from this site (digital copy on phone / ipad is fine, but printed hard copy even better!)
  • Copy of Task Catalogue from this site (digital copy on phone / ipad is fine, but printed hard copy even better!)
  • Any other relevant pre-briefing material from organisers


  • A basic mobile phone to take advantage of the Task Cancellation system which uses SMS text messages. Mobile phones with GPS or mapping features are not acceptable and must be sealed when carried during tasks
    (Discovery group do not need to seal phones and may carry them to help with navigation)
  • Back up logger or your own GPS unit to be sealed, (with data cable) and software if other than a Garmin eTrex
  • 12v Mobile phone charger
  • 12v Paramotor battery charger (if required)
  • Paramotor starter foot strap (if required)
  • Good supply of fuel in appropriate safe containers; there are plenty of local petrol stations but we suggest you bring at least 40 litres so you don’t need to keep rushing out to stock up.
  • Two/four stroke oil
  • Thin permanent markers for marking maps
  • Methylated spirit for cleaning maps after tasks
  • Compass for drawing circles
  • Ruler for marking maps
  • Magnetic compass
  • Sunglasses + suncream
  • First aid kit (if qualified to use it)
  • Still/Video cameras
  • Camera chargers which can be used on site (mains power sources will be very limited at the campsite)
  • Glider repair tape and spare lines
  • Paramotor spares (e.g. spark plugs, props)
  • Tools
  • Cable Ties
  • Electrical insulation tape
  • Gaffer tape
  • Glider manual/Reserve repacking manual
  • Balaclava/extra gloves for thermalling tasks
  • Logbook
  • Plate & Cutlery (unless you want to use the plastic ones provided)
  • Torch
  • Endless flying stories in case of bad weather

Maybe – if there’s room:

  • Water carrier
  • Small portable generators