Vittorazi Motors

Vittorazi Motors confirmed as lead sponsor for BOPC2024

We are proud to welcome back this year, Vittorazi Motors as an official partner for the British Open Paramotor Championships 2024, and the 1st FAI World Paramotor Endurance Championships.

Vittorazi have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the development of high-performance engine technology for our sport, producing a range of engines to suit all pilots, from schools to the highest competition level, and pioneering innovations such as Electronic Fuel Injection. Their ongoing support for paramotor championships in the UK has been a vital enabler in developing our competitions to the level they are today, and the evidence is in the data: in 2023, more than 50% of the 70 competing pilots flew Vittorazi Engines, including the top 5 scoring pilots in PF1 class.

General Manager Matteo Orazi said:

“We support these events and those who organise them, because we believe in the sport, as well as knowing the difficulties that exist in organising such events with limited funds. This kind of event needs people with great strength and courage, who, like us, promote the sport so that it can grow and become more popular over time. We also support innovative events that bring new faces and new pilots into the competition circus, which in turn can broaden the base and increase the number of pilots in schools.”

The Vittorazi team will be present at the championship events at Manston Airport this year, supporting the many pilots flying their engines. Please visit their website to learn more about the Vittorazi product range: