How to register for the 2022 Championship.

How to register for the competition

All British participants should be advised that due to the requirements of our event insurance through the BHPA, membership of the BHPA is required. This can be arranged in advance for any non-BHPA pilots who wish to compete. 

2022 standard pilot entry fee: £80

Published entry fees are valid if paid in advance up to 1 week before the first briefing (Wednesday 29th June). Fees paid after that date will incur a £20 ‘late entry’ surcharge.

Payments will be taken through Paypal, a link will be provided when registration opens in mid-May.

Competing Pilots

BHPA Pilots: All competing pilots in the Main championship or Discovery classes must hold a current BHPA Pilot (Power) rating. Please state this and enter your BHPA number in the appropriate section of the registration form so we can verify your details in advance. If you hold a BHPA Pilot (Power) rating then you must register into either Open Championship class or Discovery class.

Non-BHPA members: The BHPA Alternative Entry scheme is designed specifically to allow pilots that have been trained outside of the BHPA to easily convert this training to a BHPA pilot rating without having to follow the full BHPA training course from the beginning. For any non-BHPA pilots wishing to compete, we can arranged with the BHPA to ensure that you have the opportunity to complete the Alternative Entry in advance of the championship but you will need to contact us in advance.

All you will require for this are to provide evidence of your flying experiences, for example through copies of your log book, IPPI card, ratings, licences or any other evidence of your flying ability; you must also sit a short exam with a BHPA club coach to prove that you know the relevant air law. We can arrange for you to take the exam either at a club local to you in advance of the championship, or there will be an opportunity to take it on site.

Please select the ‘non-BHPA Alternative Entry’ option on the registration form and we will contact you to make the arrangements. The cost for this is:
One year’s BHPA flying membership: £139
BHPA joining fee: £25 (this is waived if you are taking the Alternative Entry specifically to compete in the championship)
Rating issue fee: £10
Total fee £149.

We recognise that this is a large additional expense, and for this reason, the championship entry fee is halved for pilots wishing to enter the championship through after taking the BHPA alternative entry route.

Foreign pilots:

We welcome foreign pilots to the British Open Championship. NEW FOR 2022: It is no longer a requirement for foreign pilots to take out temporary BHPA membership. You must provide confirmation that you hold valid 3rd party insurance in your home country which includes cover for competitive paramotoring in foreign countries. You will be requested to upload a copy of your insurance policy during the registration process, and pay the standard competition entry fee.

BHPA Club Pilot class: 

Pilots in training and currently rated BHPA Club Pilot have the opportunity to develop your skills and graduate to Pilot (Power) rating by entering for the CP Teams event. You should bring with you your logbook, and provide contact details of the instructor / club that you have been training with for references during the registration process.

The Club Pilot class is ONLY open to Club Pilots. All pilots with full Pilot (Power) rating should register in either Open Championship or Discovery classes.

Free-flying pilots

Free flying is permitted at the competition, at the discretion of the championship director and subject to the availability of the local airspace around the requirements of competition tasks. Again, for insurance reasons, free flying pilots must be BHPA members. For those aspiring new pilots who aren’t ready for competition yet, you may free fly with a minimum qualification of Club Pilot (power). All free flying pilots must attend a safety briefing before flying, and must carry a logging GPS at all times for tracing purposes.


If you would like to register as a marshal, please use the same form linked below when it opens and select the “marshal” option. Our chief marshal will be in touch with you after that.


Spectators are welcome at the championship and there is no charge for daily visiting. If you want to camp on site we request a donation of £5 pppn per night towards the use of the infrastructure. There is no need for day visitors to regiser in advance, but if you are intending to camp on site, please use the same form linked below and select “spectator” option, so that we can factor in numbers. Spectators are welcome to free fly at the event, subject to a safety briefing from the director, the requirements of the competition, and being BHPA members. Please use the “Spectator – free flying” option on the registration form and provide your BHPA details.

Complete the registration form linked below