Registered Pilots 2022

Check out the latest registration list to find out who you need to beat!

The following pilots have registered to fly in the 2022 Championship.

List updated 04/07/2022

British Open Paramotor Championship:

PF1 Solo Footlaunch Class:

David Ayres (GB)
Blaise Brogan (GB)
Benedikt Bös (GER)
Andy Davis (GB)
Neil Forster (GB)
Henry Glasse (GB)
Russell Hesketh-Roberts (GB)
Peter Illner (GER)
Steve Jennis (GBR)
Daniel Jones (GB)
Dylan Marsh (GB)
Lars Mielke (GER)
Alain Townsend (GB)
Joseph Womersley (GB)
Richard Womersley (GB)

PL1 Solo Trike Class:

Alex Anderson (GB)
Daniel Brice (GB)

Discovery Class:

Walter Spence (GB)
Ian Stafford-Allen (GB)
Sam Smith (GB)

Club Class:

Quinn Andrade (GB)
Lee Evans (GB)
Alex Zaharenko (GB)


Simon Pitchford (Joint Chief Marshal)
Lynne Orgovanyi (Joint Chief Marshal)
Norman McNeil (Chief Safety Officer)
Andy Shaw (Club Class Leader)
Kevin Bisselle
Myrianthe Ewington
Adam Moores
Tyron Paul
Georgia Pickering
Jennifer Phillips
Donna Richardson
Richard Shaw
Sue Shaw
Matt Tierney
David Treen