BOPC2024 – Map info for pilots

Pilot Maps

All pilots will be issued with one set of competition maps, colour printed on A3 paper. Maps will include all turnpoints, task features, and relevant airspace.

The maps used will be the Ordnance Survey Landranger series, rescaled to 1:66,666 (1.5cm to 1km).

Digital versions of the map (with no competition markings!) can be purchased and downloaded from Memory Map

There may be 4 or 5 A3 pages of maps in total.

The above images were used in the BOPC championship and are provided as a representative illustration for pilots wishing to plan for the championship.
NOTE: for 2024, some turnpoints may remain the same, some will change. All precision navigation routes will be changed.

Google Earth File 2024

Google Earth file of 2024 turnpoints and No Fly Zones can be downloaded from this link: