BOPC 2024 Results

Overall results for the British Open Paramotor Championships 2024, sponsored by Liberty Paramotors and Vittorazi Engines

Congratulations to all the trophy winners in the 2024 Championships:

Best Newcomer: Sandra Moreels
Best Precision Flying:  Romain Mauban
Barry Holleran Navigation trophy: Benedikt Bös
Dan Burton GB XContest Trophy: Daniel Jones

British Open Paramotor Championship PL1 (solo Trike):

1st Frederic Mallard
2nd Michael Merle
3rd Kiki Gloriant

British Open Paramotor Championship PF1 (solo Footlaunch):

1st Benedikt Bös
2nd Romain Mauban
3rd Lucas Gibert

British National Paramotor Championship PL1 (solo Trike):

1st Daniel Brice
2nd Alex Anderson
3rd Francis Rich

British National Paramotor Championship PF1 (solo Footlaunch):

1st Bruce Daniels
2nd Jonathan Hobbs
3rd Daniel Jones

German National Paramotor Championship PL1 (solo trike):

1st Ulrich Nubling
2nd Thomas Beier
3rd Daniel Tydecks

German National Paramotor Championship PF1 (solo Footlaunch):

1st Benedict Bös
2nd Jannik Kauth
3rd Lars Mielke