2016 Fees

Competitor Entry Fees

** Aged 21 and under then enter free**

Early Bird (up to and inc. 24h May) £60.

25th May onwards: £80



Camping fees (for non-pilots and discovery group)


£25 per pitch




Camping fees (for marshals / organisers)




Refund policy:

If the event is cancelled or does not take place, all entry fees that have been paid shall be returned in full.


Withdrawal of participants from the event:
Participants who withdraw from the championship before the start of the official practice period shall be entitled to a refund of part of their entry fees according to the scale below. 
30 days (or more) before = 100% 
29 days (or less) before = 50% 
Participants who withdraw after the start of the competition (as defined by the first task) shall receive no refund.