2015 Open Main Details

When and where?

30 May to 3 June 2015 in West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8SP, home to the Footflight Paramotors flying school. 

A new format for 2015?

- There will only be one event, the 2015 British Open, with no other minor League events.
- It will be a 5-day event, starting on Saturday 30 May 2015, with the Wednesday as a reserve day in the event of bad weather, and for British Team training and selection.
- The first briefing with be early morning on the Saturday.
- There will be two distinct groups: the Open group and the Discovery group.
- The Open group is the normal group as we have now, UK pilots and foreign guests trying to win the Open trophy, and with the British National title being awarded to the highest placed UK pilot.
- The new Discovery group is for people who may want to have a go at competing without feeling pressured or intimidated in any way.
- No overall scoring for this new Discovery group that anyone can join at any time throughout the event. Separate easy tasks. GPS allowed. No 6am start. Several tasks will be ready made that can be briefed as required and flown any time throughout the event.


- Anyone with insurance can participate and join the Discovery group at anytime throughout the event.
- There will be a different Task director(s) for the Discovery Group.


- British Team pilots will be on hand to give lectures on various topics, especially when not flyable. Constructive debriefings from task winners in the Open group will also be encouraged.
- Free flying will be accommodated as much as possible at the Open, and hopefully most people would join the fun in the Discovery Group.
- Camping on-site with usual facilities and comprehensive catering options

Why the new format?

- The Committee is keen to increase participation following several years of declining numbers.
- We are hoping that the Discovery Group will be more like a Rally or a Fly-in, with a very relaxed ambiance with a view to be more inclusive and hassle-free.
- The advantage of running the two groups in parallel is to offer a great spectacle for all, with some of the world's best pilots coming over to fight for the Open trophy in the area where the next World Championship will take place, in August 2016.
- The best way to recruit talent at grass root level is to encourage British Team members to give something back, through lectures, debriefing and practical sessions.
- With more numbers expected to participate, more traders will be attracted to come and exhibit their products, especially as we are very keen to allow free flying.


How much?


  • Open Group competitors £85 including camping (Reduced fee for BHPA and BMAA members: £55)

  • Campsite: £20 per couples/family for one or more nights

  • Free flyers Day Pass: £10 per day includes access to the Discovery Group

  • 5-day Multi Pass: Camping + Free flying £55 for BHPA and BMAA members

  • Discovery Group: Free with Multi Pass and or flying Day Pass.



Who’s in charge?

 Overall event director and Committee Chairman: Paul Smith

 Task Director for the Open group: Mike Chilvers

 Airfield Manager: Alex Anderson

 Task coordinators and coaches for the Discovery group: Michel Carnet and Alex Anderson.


How can I find out more?

 - Latest updates on: www.ppgcomps.co.uk

 - To email the Competition Committee: Click Here

 - To contact Alex Anderson: 07957870837


 Michel Carnet

 Competition Committee Secretary