Scorer Home Brew

Beer : O )


As requested I have some beer being brewed ready for the comp. Several upgrades will now mean that I don't run out of gas and I have brewed 2 barrels this time to cater for Norman and Ed hahah lol Oh and Richard S... As requested by Maggie the Marshal I have Elderberry wine though I think its more like a port and I also have Elderberry Sparking Wine, not allowed to say champagne but that's what it is!

Petr Ondruch and Curly Jon beer barrel

 The above  picture is of  Petr from Nirvana So if you are pilot from his team you might get the odd free beer.

So what's in the barrels:

I had the Rosemary and Bay beer/ale requested again as it is quite different. I also have a new one which is a Sage beer/ale. Both have been brewed with home grow ingredients where possible. Both of these will end up being like an ale/mead from the past.

Sage is regarded as a wellbeing tonic for fatigue so this might be a good choice for a worn out pilot! Would also be a good choice if ever we get a hog roast!



Costs TBA all profits will go to charity